VH1 Reality Star Tami Roman Of ‘Basketball Wives’ Suffers ‘Mild Heart Attack’

28 Mar

I know we all laugh and frown at what we see on reality tv often yelling or tweeting expletives at our favorite on screen villains, but the real reality of it all is these people are human too.

In a press release given by VH1, Tami Roman was admitted to a New York City hospital for a “mild medical condition.”

The entertaining/take no prisoner reality vixen tweeted about her medical condition as well on yesterday:

I like Tami… she has that around the way home girl appeal that us regular folks can relate to. While I’m sure she enjoys the finer things in life, when it comes to being materialistic Tami hides her colors well. Reverting back to her ‘mild heart attack’, your health is the #1 most important thing you can take care of besides your children, home or car, if you have them. Here’s hoping Tami makes a speedy recovery and gets well soon.



One Response to “VH1 Reality Star Tami Roman Of ‘Basketball Wives’ Suffers ‘Mild Heart Attack’”


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    […] of the stars of Basketball Wives, Tami Roman, suffered a mild heart attack yesterday. The reality star (one of the first reality stars on TV, courtesy of MTV’s first season […]

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