Are You Feeling Nicki Minaj’s Look From The ‘Kid Choice Awards’? + The New York Times Calls Her ‘Influential Female Rapper Of All Time’

1 Apr

Ok so if Kimberly Jones continues on into 2012 with Onika Maraj stealing her style I’m convinced she’s just barking for promotion. Clearly Nicki Minaj is setting herself apart from any female persona that ever went big in hip hop including Melissa Elliott.

Nicki showed up to perform last night at the ‘Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards’ in what can only be described as a ‘The Last Train Ride To Tokyo” motif..

I’m sure this was a huge hit for her fan base…….

Influential you say??????

It’s a no brainer Nicki Minaj has spawned a new generation of outrageous garments and unruly hair peices..not to mention every hood chick has invested stock in ‘booty pop’ butt pads but now The New York Times is crowning her something along the lines of ‘influential’….

—-On Saturday, the New York Times branded Nicki Minaj as “the most influential female rapper of all time”—less than two years after her debut album was released. Her second full-length, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded will further her reign: It’s a deliriously overstuffed 19-track smorgasbord offering blazing diss tracks and potent, rave-starting pop confections.[source]


Photo Credit: SheSoMajor|Getty


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