What’s Beef? Diggy Simmons Goes Off And Reads J.Cole His Miranda Rights! [Listen]

1 Apr

I bet Rev. Run is praying extra hard from his porcelain tub this morning….

Not sure how this whole beef got started but I know Diggy is a beast on his records especially when he’s spitting. Supposedly J.Cole had some no so nice words for Diggy on his track ‘Grew Up Fast’? I haven’t heard the latter but I’ll post them both below and you can decipher them for yourself.

One thing is for sure Diggy gooooooooooes in and doesn’t take to likely to Jermaine Cole or the fact he lied on his manhood by saying slept with Vanessa Simmons..hmmmm

Shout out to Pumpkin and Ms.Proper for putting me up on this. Happy Sunday! lol

‘What You Say To Me’ (J.Cole Diss)

J.Cole’s Diss To Diggy? ‘Grew Up Fast’


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