[Album Review] Nicki Minaj – ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’

2 Apr

For all you hipsters and harajuku barbie’s out there the wait is finally over… Roman Reloaded rolls into stores on Tuesday but fans across the globe are already singing it’s praises. A great majority of the album has already leaked or been released but that won’t stop projected sales of Young Money‘s most promising artist.

Lets ween through what you can expect on Nicki‘s 2nd go round and determine whether or not she’s gonna survive the sophomore slump?

Yes most of the songs are actually available but I’ll run through each one track by track….

Roman Holiday: The song is energetic and fun, definitely sounds better than her horrible performance at the Grammy’s.. For some reason I feel like this is a missing Christmas song from an Insane Clown Posse Holiday album….

Come On A Cone: Her flow and delivery is on point but I can’t tell who is singing/rapping on this? I can dig the fact she switches up her style but to do it 5 or 6 times in one song is overkill…

I am Your Lead: Nicki accepts friend requests from Rick Ross and Cam’ron to spread crew love throughout Pink Friday. Ross brings traditional Bawse steez and Camron ushers in a new laid back grown man flow… Not a bad song as Nicki’s issues a PSA for all forthcoming female MC’s…..She’s The Queen…

Beez In The Trap: One of the most well received singles that leaked thus far. 2 Chainz steps up and rides along  w/Nicki as the duo spreads hood love to us all… Rumored to be a single with a video already shot, this could very well be a big hit for Roman Reloaded (for the hood at least)

HOV Lane: So far one of the best tracks I’ve heard through 1st listen….I can dig this with little to no theatrics. Just regular Nicki spitting fire…A whole album full of tracks like this would be nice.

Roman Reloaded: This was leaked after the Grammy‘s…. I assume as a safe net for the horrible ‘Roman Holiday‘. Definitely sounds like the old Nicki from the Sucker Free days.. Weezy drops for witty punchlines and subliminals. An overcooked ‘I Get Crazy‘ with just the right seasoning….

Champion: I spoke about this when it appeared prematurely last week on my blog. Not a great track but not overly horrible either. Just given the fact she recruited Nas and Jeezy alone is worth the price of admission…

Right By My Side: Breezy and Nicki join forces to make beautiful melodies. With Chris Brown releasing a album in May this would be great cross promotion as a joint single.. 

Sex In The Lounge: Weezy returns and this time they add Bobby Valentino into the mix…just a average track and I found myself waiting to press NEXT. This could have been left off and no one would have ever noticed… Sex talk…. and that’s about all you have here. No substance at all. Filler track. Collect that check Bobby V…

Starships: Now that Nicki has crossed over there had to be Pop Celebration. The song, which I hear is already platinum, is very catchy and connects Nicki with an entirely different audience. She’s very clever about her single choices and her  team knows what works…. Not mad at her hustle at all…

Pound The Alarm: Oh now this is hot…She should wait and release this for the summer. She would own the streets and most definitely the clubs. I’m really digging this track. This would sound crazy blaring from a speaker in some South Beach Miami club…

Whip It: So Nicki saved all the pop/club tracks for the middle of the album… I see you. I felt a little cheated at first but these songs don’t sound bad. Very techno so don’t expect Funk Master Flex to drop bombs on this anytime soon. I thoroughly enjoyed it tho.

Automatic: Ok so Nicki turns up her sexual prowess on Automatic. Word to the wise: she should really recruit Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull to blaze the remix…(but what do I know) also is it just  me or does Nicki channel a Lady Gaga voice over towards the end of the track..?

Beautiful Sinner: This got a little boring to me… I mean I’m all for the pop and futuristic sound but the album is now taking a Britney Spears route on me… I like Britney but that’s not the artist I’m listening to right now.. You do the math.

Marilyn Monroe: Nicki conjures up the spirit of Norma Jean and envisions herself as the iconic actress. This is pure MTV/Crossover.. little valley girls all over the world are gonna eat this up. Can you imagine the covers on Youtube? I can envision  Taylor Swift creating her own version...

Young Forever: Nice, safe little track. I’m kinda in love when Nicki raps like this…It’s not horrible and actually easy on the ears…80’s kinda feel.

Fire Burns: The type of song you bob your head to. Reminds me a lost track from the 16 Candles soundtrack… or from some ‘Coming of age’ type of chick flick….

Gun Shot: I was expecting some hardcore reggae gangsta shottas type of track…..sadly I was given a nice little pocket pop selection. Clearly not what I was expecting. Rihanna‘s ‘Man Down‘ had more spunk than this….

Stupid Hoe: Never was a fan of the song although I give it up to Nicki for shading her competition and enemies…….meh..


Ok so here is what the album should have looked like….

I am Your Lead

Beez In  The Trap

HOV Lane

Roman Reloaded


Right By My Side


Pound The Alarm

Whip It


Marilyn Monroe

11 tracks…. and maybe a few bonus cuts that they can offer through Target, iTunes, and Best Buy?…

Final Thought:

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is most definitely a step up from the original. A sophomore album solidifying her musical dominance among her pop and rap brethrens.  

‘Reloaded’ is full of variety kinda like the homemade soup your mom made during those winter months…a confection of futuristic pop and intergalactic hip hop…

It has a few snoozers but to be honest I enjoyed this a whole lot better than the Pink Friday blueprint. I’m sure the album will go on to sell very well and spawn several singles…. especially her dance tracks.

This album isn’t for the die hard hip hop fan so don’t come in expecting nasty Nicki…. instead she’s positioned herself to be just about anything and from this album that’s just what you will get to experience.

My rating…..4/5… Nice album just too many fillers…


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