Ayo Technology News: iPhone Users Say “Android Is Destroying The Instagram Experience”

4 Apr

One of the most popular and hottest photo sharing apps to date; Instagram got a little bit more universal on yesterday when they opened up their home to some new guest…. Android owners if you will and the new party crashers presence has been met with both good and mostly bad public opinion….

In other words “Android Users Phone Home! We Don’t Want You Here!” The once ‘Exclusive’ club just got their gate prided open and it’s a free for all for anybody!

As a owner of both Apple and Droid products I felt a bit privileged to be on Instagram. Not that’s its a major achievement or anything but to share your life as you would a tweet except through pictures was fascinating and interesting to say the least. It was more than just posting a random pic of you in the club but what you would do with the picture once you snapped it. Now with system errors, slow loading times, and the fluctuation of new users has Instagram opened up the flood gates to all kinds of fuckery and foolery?

There have many tweets suggesting that Instagram has went from a classy mansion to ‘Section 8’? While it may be all fun and games some people are taking offense to the unruly tweets and comments.

According to tech site CNET Choosing which smartphone to buy is a profoundly “first-world” problem. Anyone with a smartphone is paying a huge monthly data rate; to accuse Android users as a whole of government-assistance-level poverty is ridiculous, and potentially hurtful. Even more so because there may in fact be a real — albeit slight — difference in the average incomes of Android and iPhones users.

In the end as long as everyone is enjoying their Smartphones, tablets, etc.. why should it matter? And to be frank its like pulling teeth with the iPhone and iPad users to follow you back however the Android citizens were more than happy to become friends once they were accepted into the once gated community.

Has instagram changed your phone experience? Have you noticed a change since Android and Instagram merged? Can Apple and Droid users co-exist peacefully?

photo credit: Instagram|CBS


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