Bizzy Links; Kim Kardashian And Kanye Dating/Sheree Whitfield ‘Fired’ From Housewives of Atlanta + What’s The Deal W/ Mary J & Burger King..

6 Apr

Ok so media whore Kim Kardashian who just one day after Kanye releases ‘Theraflu’ a tracked aimed at suspected individuals most namely Kris Humpries, Amber Rose and PeTA, popped up on national tv today to talks marriage, Kris, and the most anticipated question: Kanye West. Are they or aren’t they dating? [Los Angles Times]


The devil made me do it…. They say money is the root to all evil and apparently Sheree Whitfield’s flowering tree just got met with the ultimate shade. This past week BravoTv supposedly gave the ‘Atlanta’ alum the boot because she simply wanted a bigger piece of the pie and move up like The Jefferson’s… She reportedly broke down into tears demanding they rehire her. Who Gonna Help Me Boo? [S2sMagazine]


What’s the whole ordeal with Mary J. Blige and this Burger King chicken wrap? I seen the commercial and it really looks a little foolish but I digress what’s all the fuss over? Apparently the commercial was pulled because it represented MJB in a negative light nor did she approve it to air. I’m still confused but check out all the hoopala here [MTV]


Okay so after millions of American’s (me included) played the Mega Millions on last Friday with anticipation that we would wake up a few dollars richer, Mirlande Wilson who supposedly won big and hails from the city of Baltimore had the unthinkable happen: She lost the ticket? WTF??? [HuffingtonPost]


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