EXCLUSIVE!: BMG Singer/Songwriter @Vassy Opens Up About Music, Influences, and New Album ‘Beautiful Day’ To!

6 Apr

Never heard of Vassy? Well you soon will. The talented and beautiful singer/songwriter who hails from Australia has been staking her claim at fame for a minute and has an impressive resume to back it up. I was more than happy when her people reached out to me and once I heard her voice and watched a few of her Youtube video’s I was convinced this is somebody I was interested in featuring.

Vassy has covered songs by Amy Winehouse (Back To Black) and Etta James (‘I’d Rather Go Blind’) and has an amazing voice in her own right that channels that jazzy soulful feel of past and present artist.

Aside from her vocals, Vassy has deals with Nike (major) and has had her music widely featured in popular reality shows and in Emmy-award winning sitcoms! 

After responding back, Vassy was kind enough to answer a few questions about her music, influences, new album, and advice for upcoming talent.

Click ahead for The EXCLUSIVE

First off thanks for contributing to my new artist spotlight! It’s a pleasure to meet an up and coming talent with such an impressive resume.

Bizzy Blanco: So Vassy when did you discover you wanted to pursue a career is making music?

Vassy: Since i was a kid although i got kicked out of my school choir

Bizzy Blanco: lol

Bizzy Blanco: There aren’t many mainstream artist who hail from Australia, Where is Vassy’s place in Pop Culture?

Vassy: oh thats hard…i think I’m in a league of my own lol hope thats a good thing??!

Bizzy Blanco: I read that you discovered Jazz vocalist Billie Holiday at an early age? Who else musically were some of your influences?

Vassy: She was the reason i wanted to sing, her voice moved me, literally all the way to NYC, then LA..


Check out Vassy’s Amazing Cover Of ‘Back To Black’ (Amy Winehouse)


Bizzy Blanco: Let’s get into the music! Tell us about your new album ‘Beautiful Day’! What can we expect?

Vassy: To smile and feel good the whole time, its sassy, hand clappy, has a real swag about it but fun and loving, puts you in a good mood I’ve been told lol

Bizzy Blanco:  Musically who are you excited to work or collaborate with?

Vassy: hmmmmm Bono from U2

Bizzy Blanco: Has being signed to a major label developed you more into a businesswoman?

Vassy: No you do that part on your own really 😉

Bizzy Blanco:  When Vassy is not making music what is a off day for you consist of?

Vassy: hiking in the morning, lots of emailing, tweets, Facebook lol eating, watching movies and coffee meetings

Bizzy Blanco: Your music has been used in MAJOR marketing campaigns for Nike, Chevy, and TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and ‘Ugly Betty’. What was that feeling like? I know your checks have been very good to you lol?

Vassy: It feels very good to have people want your music to represent their billion dollar company 🙂 totally a blessing

Bizzy Blanco: Lastly what advice have you learned that you’d like to pass down to someone wanting to pursue a music career?

Vassy: Have faith, persistence, be pro active, not pushy and be nice! willing to work hard and spend your money


Bizzy Blanco: Thank you for taking the time out to answer a few questions. I’m always looking to connect with promising artist and furthering my brand and I appreciate you contributing to that!

Vassy:  Thank you for having me 🙂

Be sure to go get the album here 

And Subscribe and show your love to  Vassy’s Youtube Channel>

You can kissmyVassy at;

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