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Fantasia Finally Gives Up On Her Once Foreclosed Home In Charlotte, NC

7 Apr

Fanny is finally about to ditch her humble abode that went into foreclosure a few years ago leaving all of her shenanigans behind in the dust. Good Job Fanny!

A source tells TMZ, Fantasia Barrino’s finally dumping the giagantic house and the therapeutic real estate move is costing her nearly $500K.

Fantasia has listed the 5-bedroom, 38,768 sq. ft. mansion in Charlotte for $800,000 — nearly $500,000 less than what she paid for it in 2007 … $1.3 million — and you can bet she won’t get her asking price.

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VH1 Reality Star Tami Roman Of ‘Basketball Wives’ Suffers ‘Mild Heart Attack’

28 Mar

I know we all laugh and frown at what we see on reality tv often yelling or tweeting expletives at our favorite on screen villains, but the real reality of it all is these people are human too.

In a press release given by VH1, Tami Roman was admitted to a New York City hospital for a “mild medical condition.”

The entertaining/take no prisoner reality vixen tweeted about her medical condition as well on yesterday:

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Oprah Goes From Handing Out Cars To Serving Up Pink Slips? Is The OWN Network Really In Trouble This Time?

21 Mar

Not even Bobbi Christina and a toned down Lady Gaga could save 30 people from receiving their walking papers when Oprah set up exit interviews on yesterday. It was almost a year ago when I posted about Oprah’s OWN network  having trouble connecting and finding a audience. Now with Rosie O’Donnell‘s show getting the ax on last week and employees high tailing it out of there this week what is to become of my dear sweet Miss Sophia?

Check out Oprah’s farewell statement to her slashed staff below.

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‘American Idol’ Contestant Jermaine Jones Gets The Ax For Lying About Criminal Past!

14 Mar

Becoming the American Idol is every vocalist or wanna be singers golden dream. A person out of nowhere becoming a overnight celebrity in a matter of mere months is phenomenal. While hard work and determination are key elements in climbing the mountain of success covering up a little white lie can have a way of pushing you back down to the bottom…….

Jermaine Jones who placed in the bottom 3 on last week’s ‘Idol‘ singing competion had a bit of an awakening yesterday when the powers that be showed up on set with some rather disturbing news:

According to the Los Angles Times— 

The 25-year-old vocal instructor from Pine Hill, N.J., tweeted Tuesday night that he would no longer be appearing on the hit singing competition. “Awww I will no longer b on the show,” he wrote on his official “Idol” account. The tweet, as well as the account, were quickly and unsurprisingly deleted.
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Breaking News: Peyton Manning To Be Given His Pink Slip From The Indianapolis Colts @ Midnight…

6 Mar

And the band played on…..

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

Peyton Manning’s career with the Indianapolis Colts will reportedly end Wednesday.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the team will announce the release of the four-time league MVP at a news conference. Cutting him will prevent a $28 million cap hit for the team and instantly make Manning the most coveted free agent since Reggie White.

Manning underwent multiple surgeries to fuse vertebrae in his neck over the past 19 months. He missed the entire 2011 season.

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‘Black Madam’ Arrested For Injecting Women With Bad Booty Shots [SMH]

2 Mar

The price to look beautiful can be expensive. Everyone has imperfections that can be adjusted with a few tweaks here and there. Perhaps a new wardrobe, a different hairstyle, or maybe a little diet and exercise. All of those sound just normal right? Well in today’s society quick fixes are more preferred and less painstaking on what not to eat is kept at at minimum.

That’s right nowadays there is no need to visit a local plastic surgeon to get those enhancements. Especially when you can attend a pumping party in a swanky hotel and get some butt injections by someone who refers to herself as ‘The Black Madam‘….Read ahead as we learn about Philadelphia con woman Padge Victoria Windslowe and her shady yet deadly business practices.

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So Bravo Has Given Kandi Her Own Reality Show? + My Issue W/Celebrity Singing Competitions [Let’s Discuss]

24 Feb

Now before you label this as hate or any of the above, I respect Kandis hustle and I applaud her many business ventures but this latest one has me rather puzzled.

It seems with her staple in the music business and success with Kim’s Tardy For The Party, Bravo execs felt it necessary to reward Kandi Burgess with her very own competion reality show entitled ‘The Kandi Factory’. The show will feature wannabee singers in the hunt to become the next big superstar. Two winners will have access to Kandi’s producers, cheorgraphy, and image consultants… (Oh boy)

Check out the trailer below and my two cents as always

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