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Fantasia Finally Gives Up On Her Once Foreclosed Home In Charlotte, NC

7 Apr

Fanny is finally about to ditch her humble abode that went into foreclosure a few years ago leaving all of her shenanigans behind in the dust. Good Job Fanny!

A source tells TMZ, Fantasia Barrino’s finally dumping the giagantic house and the therapeutic real estate move is costing her nearly $500K.

Fantasia has listed the 5-bedroom, 38,768 sq. ft. mansion in Charlotte for $800,000 — nearly $500,000 less than what she paid for it in 2007 … $1.3 million — and you can bet she won’t get her asking price.

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Oprah Goes From Handing Out Cars To Serving Up Pink Slips? Is The OWN Network Really In Trouble This Time?

21 Mar

Not even Bobbi Christina and a toned down Lady Gaga could save 30 people from receiving their walking papers when Oprah set up exit interviews on yesterday. It was almost a year ago when I posted about Oprah’s OWN network  having trouble connecting and finding a audience. Now with Rosie O’Donnell‘s show getting the ax on last week and employees high tailing it out of there this week what is to become of my dear sweet Miss Sophia?

Check out Oprah’s farewell statement to her slashed staff below.

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Breaking News: Peyton Manning To Be Given His Pink Slip From The Indianapolis Colts @ Midnight…

6 Mar

And the band played on…..

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

Peyton Manning’s career with the Indianapolis Colts will reportedly end Wednesday.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the team will announce the release of the four-time league MVP at a news conference. Cutting him will prevent a $28 million cap hit for the team and instantly make Manning the most coveted free agent since Reggie White.

Manning underwent multiple surgeries to fuse vertebrae in his neck over the past 19 months. He missed the entire 2011 season.

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‘Black Madam’ Arrested For Injecting Women With Bad Booty Shots [SMH]

2 Mar

The price to look beautiful can be expensive. Everyone has imperfections that can be adjusted with a few tweaks here and there. Perhaps a new wardrobe, a different hairstyle, or maybe a little diet and exercise. All of those sound just normal right? Well in today’s society quick fixes are more preferred and less painstaking on what not to eat is kept at at minimum.

That’s right nowadays there is no need to visit a local plastic surgeon to get those enhancements. Especially when you can attend a pumping party in a swanky hotel and get some butt injections by someone who refers to herself as ‘The Black Madam‘….Read ahead as we learn about Philadelphia con woman Padge Victoria Windslowe and her shady yet deadly business practices.

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Roland Martin Gets Suspended For ‘Offensive Remarks’ On Twitter [Good Riddance] + My 2 Cents..

8 Feb

So Timon (Lion King Reference) Roland Martin has finally been shown the door… well not exactly but he has been given a slap on the wrist and sent home. The radical CNN Analyst who often steps out of bounds on and off television must have had too much Barefoot Mascoto when his tweeting hands rubbed unsuspecting twatchers the wrong way during the Superbowl this past Sunday.

Apparently a underwear ad featuring soccer star David Beckman got Martin riled up:

“If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! #superbowl,”

But it didn’t stop there…Keep reading

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Legal Woes: Bow Wow Has A Warrant For His Arrest and Lil’ Kim Can’t Pay Her Taxes

6 Feb

Your favorite celebs are pulling stunts left and right and the powers that be have had about enough of their antics…

First up Young Money‘s newest recruit is Wanted and I’m not talking his 2005 album either. It seems Shad Moss aka Lil’ Bow Wow is not in the business of paying up and as a result could be scrubbing more than just the inside of Baby’s tour bus for studio time.

According to E! Online— warrant has been issued for his arrest, but a rep for the 24-year-old rapper tells E! News that this “ongoing dispute” is under control.

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Breaking Celeb News: Heidi Klum & Husband Seal Call It Quits!

21 Jan


2012 is already off to a rocky start for our beloved Hollywood couples and split season is in full swing.

Via Global Grind—-Heidi Klum and Seal are calling it quits and are seeking a divorce. After 6 years of being one of Hollywood’s favorite couples, they are saying goodbye.

According to reports that surfaced this morning, the couple is set to file divorce papers in L.A. sometime next week.

Here are the reports according to TMZ:

The supermodel and singer married back in May of 2005 and share 3 children together in addition to Heidi’s oldest daughter from a previous relationship whom Seal adopted.

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